King's Apparel operates on an international scale connecting buyers with sellers around the world and the seller(s) may not be located in the same country as you are requesting your item(s) to be delivered; therefore, each item being shipped is evaluated on a per-item basis. Some sellers may not be shipping certain item(s) to your requested place of delivery. 

As per our Return Policy, customers are allowed to cancel their order at any time within 12 hours since the order was placed prior to being charged. If your order contains any particular item(s) that can not be shipped due to government regulations or if the seller is unable to ship the item to the shipping address provided, we will notify you via email and you will be eligible for a 100% reimbursement for the particular item(s) which can not be shipped to your requested place of delivery. Prior to cancelling, we will give you suggestions of similar products that could be shipped along with the prices of the items. If you do not like the suggestions provided, you could either get reimbursed for the item(s) that can not be shipped or continue to browse the website yourself to see if you like something else.

Shipping fees may include the cost of shipping, packaging, handling charges, customs, duties, and taxes. When shipping internationally, each country is different when it comes to rules and regulations of what is being imported/exported. In addition, shipping fees also depend on the weight and dimensions of the products. As a result, heavier items face a higher cost of shipping. 

We try our best to keep shipping fees simple and at the lowest rate possible! To accomplish this, we pay a portion of the shipping fees from our own pocket per item to keep shipping rates low and affordable. The more items you purchase, the lower the shipping fees become. If your order reaches a minimum of $75 (excluding the cost of shipping), we pay ALL of the shipping fees for you! 

As stated earlier if an item is unavailable to be shipped to your desired destination, we will notify you via email of similar suggested products; however, if you do not like the suggested products provided or do not wish to continue shopping, you are entitled to a full reimbursement for the price of the product(s) that can not be shipped. If you have chosen to be reimbursed and your order has dropped below the $75 threshold, you will no longer be entitled to free shipping. We will then inform you of any additional charges that will be required to cover the cost of shipping.

You will have a maximum of 24 hours in addition to the initial 12 hours grace period totaling a sum of 36 hours to come up with a decision. If no response is received within 36 hours, you will be deemed to have chosen the reimbursement option for the item(s) which can not be shipped and accept the shipping fee charges if you no longer meet the $75 threshold. 

In order to keep shipping fees as low as possible, we use standard shipping, which on average has an estimated arrival time of 10-20 business days. In rare cases, it could take longer for some products to arrive. Please note that shipping to Brazil and Mexico generally take 20-30 business days. Regardless of which country you are located in, please allow a maximum of 7 weeks for the order to arrive before contacting us at We have no control over how long shipping could potentially take but we always do everything we can to deliver the item(s) to you as quickly as possible.

If you have ordered more than one item, please note that these items may be split into different packages and may arrive at different timings considering the items are most likely ordered through different sellers, but will be shipped together.

When 2 or more items are ordered in a single order, you will most likely be given more than one tracking number since it may be coming from different suppliers. We ensure all suppliers provide tracking numbers where possible; however, in some rare instances no tracking number may be available. If a tracking number is available, an email notification will be sent to you within 7 business days since your order was placed updating you on your tracking number and shipment information for each item that contains a tracking number. If you do not receive an email within 7 business days for all items in your order, it is possible that a tracking number was not available for a part of your order. When no email is received for a particular item in your order, it is advised to contact us to get the status of your shipment for that item. 

Standard Shipping vs. International Shipping

Currently, our standard shipping and international shipping rates could be categorized into 2 groups:

  • Standard Shipping: Countries include Canada, United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, France, New Zealand
  • International Shipping: All other countries not listed in Standard Shipping

Our team continues to work with different countries around the world to get the lowest shipping prices for our customers so that we can continue to add more countries to the Standard Shipping category. Customers who fall under the Standard Shipping category will pay lower fees than customers who fall under the International Shipping category. International shipments pass through additional facilities accumulating extra costs to get the item(s) to your doorsteps which is why there will be an additional $5 charge on all International Shipping rates compared to Standard Shipping rates. However, regardless of which country you are in, you are eligible for free shipping for orders that are $75 or over whether you fall under Standard Shipping or International Shipping.

Contact Information

Our Shipping Policy may be updated from time to time. It is the customer's responsibility to periodically check for changes. Questions about our Shipping Policy should be sent to us at