You spoke and we listened!

We have updated the logo and the look of our website with the introduction of enhanced features to create a better user-friendly experience:

  • Recently Viewed items: easily view products you previously visited (section will only be visible if you have seen at least one product)
  • Currency selector: choose to display the currency in one of four options (USD CAD EUR GBP)
  • Filter option: Ability to filter your products by categories/sub-categories (we are still working on improving this and it will get better over time)
  • Sort by option: Ability to sort by various options (e.g. sorting by lowest to highest price)
  • View layout: Ability to change from grid layout (2-4 products shown per column) to list layout (listing the products individually)
  • Locked Header: The header is locked in one spot and will not move as you scroll so you can easily search for a product, view your cart, or access the main menu quickly at any time
  • Order Instructions Message: Before checking out from your cart, you may leave us a message pertaining to your order (e.g. buying 2 quantities of the same shirt but wanting one in Medium size and one in Large size)

We continue to work hard to bring you improved features and are requesting for your feedback to help us serve you better. Let us know what other changes you wish to see in the nearby future. We are always open to feedback!